Location City :  Austin, Texas, USA

Project Requirement Analysis:Austin is the capital of Texas and is the administrative, commercial, political, and technological center of the state. The client lives in the hills in an area that is exceptionally hot, and therefore wanted a better reduction of solar radiation, better ventilation and less noise. The client wanted a solution with large cavities and absolute privacy on top of that.

Customer Comments:

Excellent service, very very helpful honest, and highly professional team. I do not have words to explain . Excellent logistics packaging, fast production speed, and active communication on installation issues.The product is great, WARREN is a trustworthy vendor.

Products used in this project

The Narrow Sliding Door

The sliding doors feature a minimalist design style with a narrow and square frame that encompasses the door leaf...

It offers two track options: an accessible flat track and a sloping drainage high track, suitable for different architectural applications.

The door is available in both double and quadruple panels for added convenience.

The main load-bearing wall thickness of the profile ranges from 1.6mm to 2.2mm, and the door panel is connected using corner brackets for high load-bearing capacity and stability. The door also features a central roller design with standard stoppers for smooth and stable sliding.

Aluminium Alloy:

Using a 6063-T5 aluminum profile has many advantages such as greater hardness and corrosion resistance, easier processing and maintenance.Its features:

1. Good cold workability, medium hardness. 2. Good weldability, plasticity. 3. Excellent corrosion resistance and toughness. 4.Easy to polish and colour film.